Pinoy podcasts

Podcasts are not the most popular medium of information right now; and in the Philippines, it’s a lot less talked about. As a Filipino listener, I do believe that it’s a potential avenue for knowledge, inspiration and even change. So, I’d like to advocate a few local podcasters that I think are worth listening to.

  • Filipino Freethinkers: This podcast is a collection of discussions and debates that range from social issues of the average Filipino to the national crises that disturb economic progress. Visit their website here:
  • The PHTech Show: The best way to describe this would be that it’s like a Filipino-culture magazine about different kinds of things (gadgets, sports, lifestyle, etc.) It’s quite an interesting medium. I believe they don’t have a website, but here’s a website where you can stream their episodes:
  • Freelance Blend Podcast: Marv de Leon, the charismatic host of this podcast, shares unique stories of people who have gone through the eye of the needle to get to where they are now. These interviews are both encouraging and amusing, listen in on the lives of different people and learn from their experiences here: