Here’s Why Podcasts Are Here To Stay

“…Podcasts are there while you brush your teeth, while you wash the dishes, and while you mow the lawn. Because they work on your schedule. They move with you.” -Jerod Morris,

Why tune in to podcasts? You should let yourself cruise on the experience to find your answer.

There really is no other way to do it- that is, if you’re all about the entertainment value of it–  which is quite high.

Here are 3 reasons why podcasts are expected to stay

  1. STORIES. Listening to podcasts is like hearing stories read aloud and read for you. It’s a great alternative for those who can’t really sit down and read a book.
  2.  RADIO 2.0. Podcasts are like the radio stations’ techi-fied version. Instead of mainly music and beats though, it offers a variety of sounds and ideas that can tap into the human brain and elicit thoughts unique to each person’s imagination. How you listen and picture it in your head is likely a lot different from how the next guy does.

Like the radio, a podcast is your companion during those searing hours of sitting in your car waiting for the line to start moving. Turn those moments of cursing traffic to moments of letting your mind wander to your auditory senses.

Granted there are also commercial breaks in Podcasts but compared to the Radio, there are a lot less ads in the former. In fact, the commercial breaks are more appreciated because it doesn’t ‘interrupt’ your listening, it gives you a ‘break’ to digest what you’ve just heard, strengthening the impact.

  1. CONVENIENCE. You can schedule and store your podcasts across various mobile devices. It’s everywhere you go.

Note that you can listen to virtually anything you’re interested in: Want to learn a new language? There are countless tutorials for an array of dialects all around the world. Want to listen to inspirational speeches? There’s a TEDtalk podcast that lets you listen in on great people talking about success and whatnot. There are interviews with celebrities, reviews, compelling conversations, music, etc. It’s a ‘lowkey’ melting pot of ideas.

If you’re up for it, it’s time for the cruise:

Maybe start off with an informational podcast? The best podcasters for that is Stuff You Should Know’s Josh and Chuck. Their episode called “What’s the deal with Staring?” is about the science behind our hatred of being stared at and the irony of us doing it too often. Curious? Check it out here.

Are you a fan of war stories? History? Radiolab has great storytellers for that. Their episode Fu-Go is about mysterious balloons– deadly balloons during World War II. Dive into the odd and unseen through this link.

Or if you’re looking to inspire yourself like I said, there’s a TEDtalk podcast that will surely connect with you. It’s about procrastinators and the genius working behind what we think are ‘idle’ moments. Tune in to Tim Urban’s Inside the mind of a master Procrastinator with this link.

Give ‘em a try, you might just discover not just knowledge but new-found love.